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Inside FreightTrailers.com, you will find trailer inventory from hundreds of truck and trailer dealers from around the country. We are a community of Heavy Truck and Trailer Dealers, Manufacturers and Independents alike, who have come together to list their freight trailer inventory on one easy to use website. This site allows you to search for the trailer you need without having to jump from website to website. We also offer a Daily rental section, Weekly rental section, and Short and Long term lease sections.

We currently have 463 trailers listed from 190 dealers nationwide.

Our real-time inventory is updated the instant the equipment is listed. Unlike some other websites that ask you to call for their prices, all of our listings have a price. You can search by region or state for that Tanker, Reefer, or that fleet of Sheet and Post Trailers that you need to buy, rent, or lease.

So, come on in and browse around and remember Freight Trailers is the place to find the equipment you need.

There are going to be some things you won't find here though!
  • You won't find any distractions like pop ups or ads.
  • You won't find someone who is not a dealer listing equipment.
Why our site is better ...
  • That listings on this website are from and by dealers only. For example, you won't have to look at listings from an asphalt company trying to sell their equipment.
  • Links to the website of the listing dealers.
  • Complete contact information with contact name.
  • We provide used traliers to dealers throughout the country
  • Our listings include genuine dealers supplying trailer parts
  • We offer a fair opportunity to all dealers to make offers
  • Start your trucking business today with the best deals on trucks and trailers
So if you don't like simple ...
    You won't like Freight Trailers.com ...
        Because we keep things simple here.

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